The effects of content, formal, and linguistic schema building activity types on EFL reading and listening comprehension

Document Type : Original Article


Imam Khomeini International University



The main concern of the present study was to investigate the effects of content, formal, and linguistic schema-building activity types on EFL learners’ listening and reading comprehension. To this end, 60 Elementary learners in four groups of 15 members each participated in this study. Three groups acted as experimental groups and received content, formal, and linguistic schema-building activities, and one group acted as control group, receiving no schema- building treatment. Two separate one-way ANOVA procedures were used to analyze the participants’ scores on the listening and reading comprehension posttests. The result revealed that although there were no significant differences among the effects of schema-building activity types on both listening and reading, the experimental groups outperformed the control group participants. The findings may have implications for EFL learners and teachers.