Pedagogical knowledge base in ELT: A conceptual framework

Document Type : Original Article


Tarbiat Modares University



 Drawing on language teacher cognition research and using a mix-method research design, the present study tried to offer a conceptual framework for the pedagogical knowledge base in English Language Teaching (ELT). The aim was to see what categories of knowledge Iranian English language teachers use in their teaching. Stimulated recall interviews were used with 6 practicing EFL teachers to map out the categories and units of pedagogical knowledge that they drew upon in their teaching practices. At the same time, semi-structured interviews were carried out with 10 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and 10 experienced EFL teachers to probe into their judgments and opinions regarding the important domains of pedagogical knowledge for English language teachers. Overall, the findings pointed to a 7 component model of pedagogical knowledge in ELT. The components of this tentative model included Knowledge of Language, Knowledge of Teaching, Knowledge of Learning, Knowledge of Classroom Management, Knowledge of Students, Knowledge of Culture, and Knowledge of Context. The implications of these findings for teacher education programs are discussed at the end.