Task-Based Reading Assessment and High Intemediate Introverts/ Extroverts’ Test Performance

Document Type : Original Article


University of Tehran



In recent years, attempts in testing second language research have mostly been geared towards examining particular learner traits. These have been done to uncover the possible relationships existing between learner traits and their performance in language tests. The present study, aims at investigating the effects of task-based assessment on measuring reading comprehension proficiency of introvert/extrovert language learners. Results from the analysis of the data collected through administering a) PET Test, b) Task-based Reading Assessment, developed and validated by the present researchers, and c) JEPQ personality type questionnaire of introversion/extroversion on 99 high intermediate Iranian students indicated that: 1) there is no significant difference between PET general proficiency test and task-based assessment of introvert/extrovert test-takers, 2) there is no significant difference between cognitive and pedagogical tasks classifications among introverts and extroverts, and 3) there is no significant difference amongst introverts and extroverts in any of the tests and task subcategories.